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This historic area is the proposed home to the huge Piers 27 / 31 project.

It is essential to remember the total impact of all this rapid growth.

These few streets already serve the Wharf Plaza Senior/Disabled 3 building complex, 3 large residential condo buildings, 3 large office buildings (including the oversized 8 floor 55 Francisco office building) and numerous smaller office buildings, shops and restaurants.
There are only 2 ways in - Kearny or Chestnut. Chestnut is one way.

There are only 2 ways out - Kearny or Lombard. Lombard is one way.

Proposed condos will start on the top parking deck (4th floor) of existing building and rise to a total of 3 floors of condos and 6 stories overall, much higher than surrounding buildings except 55 Francisco office building. (historic, grandfathered in)

The current 3rd level of parking building will be private parking for the condos.

Only the first 2 levels will remain public parking for the adjacent 90'high office building, (currently 110 leased spaces), cruise ship patrons, currently 56 spaces, and all other public parking.

The office, cruise ship and public parking will all be changed to 203 valet parking spaces.

Currently, with 4 levels valet, there would be 406 spaces available. On a recent Monday workday, at noon, the lot was totally full and turning cars away. Floors 1 and 3 were valet. It was able to accomodate 144 cars that would have been turned away if the luxury condos had already been built.
View from 4th level of parking building (will be first floor of condos) looking at Senior Citizens apartments.
If 3 floors of luxury condos are placed over the existing parking building, it will severly block light and air from the Seniors/Disabled housing across the narrow dead end street.