Traffic problems become traffic nightmares on holidays
or during special events.
This is the corner of Francisco and Kearny on July 4, 2004.

The usually "busy" streets became a virtual parking lot at times the traffic was gridlocked.

It started early...
It kept up all afternoon...
Into the evening...
Unmarked San Francisco Police vehicle could not get thru in a timely manner.
And late into the night.
People and cars dodging each other and trying to get in and out of a very tight, crowded area, trying to find a park, trying to get to the car...
This is not a place to build more condos and further congest this already dense area.
More people living here and less public parking for regular tourist business as well as these special events is bad for the city of San Francisco and for the residents of the neighborhood.
The problems with Energency and Security vehicles accessing this area are great already.
We cannot add another 50 condos on this corner!