The following info is taken from the
Preliminary Mitigated Negative Declaration
submitted by Developer Doug Rosenberg to
the San Francisco Planning Department
December 2004

Parking - Permanent Changes

Real Facts:

284 - public parking spaces - now (p1,32)
203 - public parking spaces - reconfigured for luxury condo project (p1,35, cover)
81 - loss of public parking spaces (not in report)

110 - public parking spaces leased by office building (p33)
58 - cruise ship patrons departing Pier 35 (p33)
35 - public parking spaces remaining for public parking

Rosenberg says:

262 - parking spaces - reconfigured (p1,17)
22 - loss of parking spaces (p35)
59 - parking spaces assigned to new residents (needs that are not now there (p1,33,cover)

So he is
not reducing public parking spaces by only 22 as he claims, he is reducing public parking by 81 because he is increasing new tenant needs by 59+.

The parking garage is often FULL. As you can see, on this regular Monday, non-holiday, the garage was turning cars away.

Also, pictures prove that there was valet parking on 2 of the 4 levels, and self-park on 2 levels.

If valet parking will accomodate 203 cars on 2 levels, and self park will accomodate 284 cars on 4 levels - 142 cars on 2 levels - then on this day the garage was accomodating approximately 347 cars.

If the luxury condos are allowed, on a day like this one, at least 144 cars will have to find other places to park.

The one day parking count that was submitted in the developer's traffic study was not representative of the true parking situation in this building and area.
Valet parking on 1st floor
Valet parking on 1st floor
Valet parking on 1st floor
The top (4th) floor is virtually full, and the 3rd floor is valet parked. The street parking is also full.

Also, the parking building across the street to the left (80 Francisco), the red brick office building adjoining it (50 Francisco), the grey office building to the right (150 Chestnut) and the office building to the immediate right of the tall red (55 Francisco) building (1701 Montgomery), are compatible in height with the existing 55 Francisco parking building.

The oversized 90' 55 Francisco building is 2 1/2 times as tall as any of these buildings. Adding another 3 stories to the top of this parking garage would not be compatible with the neighborhood.

140 Chestnut and 150 Chestnut - directly behind 55 Francisco parking garage - have underground parking available in this garage between the 2 buildings.