Traffic on these neighborhood streets is already heavy on many days at many times.
With the piers 27-31 high-traffic project within 2 blocks of this intersection, an additional
51 luxury condos is not in the best interest of the neighborhood or the city of San Francisco.
Residents of Wharf Plaza must make their way down the 2-way block of Kearny to Bay Street to get to the grocery store, the drug store, other shopping and appointments.
This is more difficult and dangerous when traffic increases, and especially when delivery vehicles or emergency vehicles block half of the road.
There is also increased congestion and danger for the 2 way traffic at the corner of Francisco Street and Kearny Street.
There were several near misses in less than 15 minutes. And it will only get worse when the Piers 27/31 project comes to the area.
Traffic must drive on the wrong side of the road to the blind corner.
Already inadequate "A permit" parking and visitor parking means that vehicles like cabs and the On Lok bus frequently must park on the sidewalk, or double-park, blocking other traffic.
Narrow, already-too-busy streets in this small neighborhood which houses so many Seniors and disabled citizens cannot handle additional traffic from 51 new condos right at this intersection.
Major new recreational / office / commercial / residential projects within 2 blocks of this limited access neighborhood make it essential to consider how even more new condos will affect safety and lifestyle for all those who live, work and visit in the area.