The 55 Francisco office building is 91' high, oversized and grandfathered in because it is an Historical structure.

The buildings around the 55 Francisco office building are all compatible in height with the existing 4 level adjoining parking garage.
55 Francisco Office Building
1700 Montgomery, across Montgomery from 55 Francisco, is a 4 story office building
1700 Montgomery, a 4 story office building
50 Francisco, across Francisco St. from 55 Francisco, is a 4 story office building.
Houston's restaurant, across Francisco St. between 1700 Montgomery and 50 Francisco, is 1 story.
80 Francisco, the parking building adjacent to 50 Francisco office building, is 4 stories and compatible in height to the 55 Francisco parking building.
Wharf Plaza II family building and Wharf Plaza I, across Kearny from the 55 Francisco parking building, are both 4 stories.
1725 Montgomery, adjacent to the 55 Francisco Office building, is a 2/3 story office building.
140 Chestnut office building
150 Chestnut office Building
150 and 140 Chestnut, directly behind the 55 Francisco Parking building, are both 1 story, 30' loft restored historical office buildings. next to 150 Chestnut is Telegraph Hill, a section of the Hill which experienced a rockslide in 1992, and had to be shored up at considerable expense to the city of San Francisco.
150 Chestnut........140 Chestnut office buildings
140 Chestnut office building and Telegraph Hill
(rock slide area)
55 Francisco office
1725 Montgomery office
50 Francisco office
80 Francisco parking
150 Chestnut office
The buildings around the 55 Francisco site are compatible with the height of the parking building, NOT the oversized office building.