55 Francisco is almost due west from the oversized office on the same lot that was grandfathered in.

Wharf Plaza II is directly across the street west of the proposed new condos
The morning sun casts a direct shadow on the only light/ventilation for that side of Wharf Plaza II. The shadow passes quickly because it is only 3 stories tall now, and the shadow shown above is cast by the oversized office tower down the block. If the entire 2/3 block is another 3 stories plus (35' - 40') there will be a real and large impact on the light and air for these Seniors.

Light and air will be somewhat restricted on the outside common areas, such as the park between the Wharf Plaza I building and the Wharl Plaza II and Family building, but an even greater impact on the living spaces.
(Park at Wharf Plaza is the only accessible park for these seniors of the 3 in the area)
New condos will restrict airflow and will cast the shadows on the Wharf Plaza II residents. These are studio apts. for 1 or 2 people. The slider is the only source of natural light and natural ventilation. Some residents relie on balconys for exercise, others are on ventilators.
The office tower casts a shadow on the proposed condo site. New condos will cast the shadows on the Wharf Plaza II residents.
The entire parking building being heightened 3 floors plus will block air as well as the morning light.
The developer wants to add 3 floors on top of this existing parking structure. Wharf Plaza II and the Wharf Plaza family building directly across dead-end Kearny will be adversly affected.